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How to select the appropriate classifier equipment?
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Spiral classifier is a with the aid of solid particles in the pulp settling velocity for different grading equipment, and the spiral classifier is divided into high weir type spiral classifier and submerged spiral classifier, the users in production should be how to choose, the following look at together.

1, choose according to leaf number

Blade number is beneficial to increase the classification area, easier to satisfy the requirement of the high maneuverability, but also lead to the complex classification equipment.So in addition to meet the special requirements and is limited by pulp, etc, should try to use a small number of blades.

2, according to the grinding fineness of choice

Spiral classifier overflow weir height, size affects the precipitation of ore area, in production we can according to the grinding fineness requirement.

High weir type of spiral classifier overflow weir height H for a quarter of a screw diameter D - 3/8, it is mainly used for the overflow particle size 0.83 0.15 mm of ore grade.Submerged spiral classifier H D 3/4-1.Is mainly suitable for the overflow particle size 0.15 0.07 mm of ore grade.

3, choose according to processing power

Spiral classifier tub width has much to do with the overflow discharge rate and tub is wide the overflow discharge speed, the greater the likelihood of coarse grain with the overflow discharge.But on the other hand, trough and the wider the subsidence area of ore, easy sedimentation.

Therefore the tub width of the classifier should be appropriate to the magnitude and milling machine processing capacity, when buying, should pay attention to the tub width of spiral classifier and the size of the grinding machine processing capacity, choose the right spiral classifier.

4, according to the production process

In order to obtain the overflow of the coarser and deal with major settlement faster than material, can increase the speed of the screw appropriately, but not too large, otherwise it will damage classification effect.

Therefore, in the second section milling or grinding cycle use of classifier, screw speed try to slow down, can according to the production process to determine the appropriate screw speed, and then choose the right spiral classifier.

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